Thursday, October 30, 2008

Zoe has been tagged!

Five things you may not know about her:

1. Zoe loves animals. she loves to say moo, and neigh and growl like a dog.

2. She loves babies and is a really good helper with them. Sometimes she loves them too much, but i know she will make a wonderful big sister.

3. She does sign language and is really good at eat, more, all done, drink, dog, fish and bird. I like that she does this but now i am having a hard time getting her to talk because she will just sign it.

4. Zoe loves her sleep just like her mommy. She has never had a problem with taking naps or going to bed at night. I believe that is why she was sent to us because i have to have lots of sleep or i get really onry.

5. She loves books. Her favorite two books are ones with animals. She brings me books all day and just sits on my lap to read to her. I love it because i like books too.

Now we tag: Stratton, Laney, Bailey, Gracie, Lydia, Haylee, Jaxon, Bronson, Hallie, Hunter, Morgan, and Brecken