Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was very busy but fun for us. First thing in the morning we headed up to Randalls work to visit him and Jen. After that we went to Jamie Gillmans and let the kids play, ate yummy chili, and talk to lots of good friends. We then went to Rinda and Pats house and at more chili and visited with their family, after we took Zoe trick or treating. She made it to about 6 houses and then was done. After that we went to the hospital to visit Grandpa Jerry, and then went to grandma Edwards house and watched the Michael Jackson show that her neighbors put on. It was really awesome this year. and Finally we went to grandma and grandpa Adams house to show them Zoe's costume and visit. We had a lot of fun but we also found out that night that Zoe has an ear infection so that is why is most of the pictures she is not smiling. I could not get her to eat a thing that day but of course she could eat candy. I know I am awful but i figured as long as she eats something I didn't care what is was. I hope everyone had a happy Halloween!


Cottam Family said...

Cute pictures! This age was so much fun for trick or treating!

Colby-Paige Hargis said...

Hey Janalee! I love your Blog, I'm happy to see you and Randal finally tied the knot! My blog is private so if you want to email me your email address I will send you an invite. I want to stay in touch!

The Johnson's said...

Love Halloween and glad to see Zoe had a great time. See you at Bunko