Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Grandma threw a great Easter party. We did a pinata and she gave the kids water toys so we had to have a water fight. The kids had a blast!
Zoe and Brennan at grandmas for the Easter party. They are so cute to each other. Zoe loves her brother and is very protective of him.
Zoe looks so pretty! It was just Zoe and I at church today because Brennan has had a cold so I had to get a picture of her in her Easter dress.
I don't know what Zoe is doing in this picture but she is so funny. The Easter bunny brought them both skate boards and lots of candy. They were excited about the skateboards but i will say they do make me nervous.

My birthday

Randall and I went to Tucanos which was so yummy! He then spoiled me by letting me go to the mall and spend some money.
On Saturday we went to City Creek for my bday shopping. Randall was so nice and let me shop all day with no kids. It was so relaxing and nice to not have my kiddos. City Creek was pretty cool but there were lines everywhere we went. I really want to take my kids there when the crowd dies down and let them play in the fountains. Thanks mom and Jen for joining me Saturday. It was so much fun!

Conference 2012

Conference was so fun this year! We did our tradition of building a fort and having lots of snacks and coloring pages. My kids do pay more attention when we have a fort. Brennan is so funny he was so into Elder Uchtdorf talk.

Mommy Daugther Date

Zoe and I went on a mommy daughter date to Color Me Mine. She loved painting a unicorn and a dolphin and it was so much fun to just talk to her one on one. She also chose to go to In n Out for dinner. I was very surprised she chose that because she doesn't usually eat burgers but she ate great. After dinner we spotted a dessert place called The Sweet Tooth Fairy and we just had to get a treat. It was very yummy!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Disneyland part 3

of course we had to see the princesses. we waited in line for an hour and a half to see them. its a good thing zoe loves princesses.
The best part about disneyland was that Zoe was so brave and went on Splash Mountain, thunder mountain, pirates of the carribean an tower of terror. I had to get prove that she went on the tower of terror or else i didn't think anyone would believe how brave she is. I think i was more scared then her. She didn't even cry on the ride but after it she said she didn't like that ride. She loves Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain and Pirates though.

Poor Brennan was too short to ride most of the rides and he was so bummed about that. He really wanted to go on them and i know he would love them. Zoe got to do Jedi training but they wouldn't let Brennan because he is too young. He was so sad and started crying so we let him build his own light saber. He loves it and call it his sword fight!

Disneyland part 2

Zoe was so excited when she saw a crabby. Her little friend Ella loves Crabby's so we had to take a picture.
Lightning Mcqueen and Mater were pretty cool. We were so bummed to find out they are building Radiator Springs town but it won't be done till June. I guess that gives us a reason to go back.
Bailey and Zoe got their faces painted. So cute!

We splurged and ate at the pirates of the Caribbean restaurant. It was so good and i had my first bowl of gumbo. So worth the money!

Disneyland Part 1

We got the chance to go to Disneyland with some good friends of ours. We saw the queen of hearts and brennan freaked out. I guess she was scary looking to him. Zoe loved seeing her and she was so funny.
I think Mickey Mouse was their favorite. Brennan was so excited to see him.
We went to lunch and it rained on us so we were all wet. Still so fun and worth it though.
In the hotel ready to head to California from Vegas. I think they all were so excited for Disneyland