Saturday, February 25, 2012

Disneyland part 3

of course we had to see the princesses. we waited in line for an hour and a half to see them. its a good thing zoe loves princesses.
The best part about disneyland was that Zoe was so brave and went on Splash Mountain, thunder mountain, pirates of the carribean an tower of terror. I had to get prove that she went on the tower of terror or else i didn't think anyone would believe how brave she is. I think i was more scared then her. She didn't even cry on the ride but after it she said she didn't like that ride. She loves Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain and Pirates though.

Poor Brennan was too short to ride most of the rides and he was so bummed about that. He really wanted to go on them and i know he would love them. Zoe got to do Jedi training but they wouldn't let Brennan because he is too young. He was so sad and started crying so we let him build his own light saber. He loves it and call it his sword fight!


Jamie said...

Oh man, you make me want to be there. I don't even need my kids there. I just want to go! Glad you guys were able to do this. How fun!!