Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ward Halloween Party!

Tonight was our ward halloween party. Zoe is going to be a lady bug this year. She looks so cute in it. We played games, had dinner, watched a lipsync show and then had the trunk or treat. I had fun taking Zoe around to get candy. Not like she needs it but she had fun. She was dancing and having fun with all the kids. She played with her new friend Laney, and we got a cute picture of her and Bailey together but it was on Heathers camera so I will get it later.


Cottam Family said...

Zoe's Halloween costume is so cute! Brecken is going to be a red dragon, I can't wait.

Jenny Bebel said...

What a cute little lady bug! We use to go to that same pumkin patch in Utah oh i miss it!!!

Cami said...

She is the cutest ladybug ever!! oh the ward parties... looks like you guys had fun. We miss you, how have you been?
well life here is busy busy but it has been fun and the twins are doing great. they sleep lots right now but they are cute. Parks is a big helper and loves his brother/sister.
looks like you guys have been busy! have fun!

Megan said...

She is so cute. I love the costume. I loved the vaseline story. You always know when it gets really quiet they are doing something. How funny!