Monday, October 13, 2008

Zoe asleep!

So today I was feeding Zoe lunch while we were watching a movie on Disney. I was sitting next to her watching and when I looked over at her she was asleep. At least she ate most of her sandwich. She has never done this before so I had to get a picture. I guess she was extra tired and couldn't wait till after lunch.


Lyndsay, Nathanael, and Micah said...

This is so cute, Janalee!! I love it!

Chablis said...

so cute! My kids always seem so much cuter when they are asleep and especially when they fall asleep in awkward places. She's the cutetst little lady bug I've ever seen! Sorry about the vaseline, hmmm, gear up the fun is about to start!

Ashley said...

So cute...I just love when the little ones fall asleep eating!