Tuesday, September 23, 2008

6 Quirks! tagged by Shelley

I have to have my shirts facing the same way and color coded.

I have to have my towels folded a certain way.
If they get folded different I have to redo it.

3. I hate little noises like snoring or the walls creaking.
It drives me crazy when Randall snores, I could be up all night
so i try to fall asleep first.

4. I don't like chocolate. That is not a surprise to most people,
but most everyone I know likes chocolate.

5. I have to have my pillows on my bed or couches
the same way every time. The pillows on the couch
have zippers and they have to be at the bottom.

6. I can't get rid of my baby monitor. It is like a security blanket for me.

I tag anyone that wants to do it. It's fun!


Jamie said...

I'm always so impressed when people can keep there closets in perfect "color coded condition". I'm the same way with having to have my clothes go the same direction, but keeping them in color groups- just overwhelms me.

Cottam Family said...

I'm so happy you did your quirks! They turned out cute.

The Wrights said...

Hey girl, Sorry it has taken me forver to respond. I am so glad that you found us. I would love to stay in touch! How you been?? Looks like life is going well for you. You look great and your daughter is darling. We added you to our blog.. keep in touch if you want!

Swanky Mommy said...

I found your blog! Yeah! (What does Janally stand for? I'm an idiot.) Good to know I'm not the only one though--I love chocolate and don't care about the pillows, but other than that I can totally relate!

joker said...

That's funny, I did'nt know some of those things about you! I'm excited for tommorrow! See you then!
Love ya, Jamie