Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cute kids!

Brennan has figured out how to climb up on his crib. We will be lowering it sometime so he doesn't jump out like Zoe did. He thought he was so funny for climbing.
We went to Seven Peaks on Tuesday and the kids had a blast. Brennan has no fear of the water and wanted to go right along with everything Zoe was doing. Zoe loves the water as well and she thought it was fun to have Brennan there too. I don't think they would be my kids if they didn't like the water.
Brennan looks so cool in this hat but dad thinks he looks gay.
Aren't they so cute! This last weekend since it was cold Zoe had to wear pants and that is usually a fight to get her to wear them. So my compramise was to let her wear her tutu over her pants. I think she looks way cute in it.


Colby-Paige Hargis said...

You really do have such cute kids! Brennan get cuter and cuter the older he gets. Oh I LOVE his hat too!!!! What a stud muffin!!!!

Jill said...

Ha, that is so something Jess would say, but I'm with you, the hat is so cute!

Cute pictures!

Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

They are so cute! I personally love the hat.

What's the plan for Brennan's repair?

Lyndsay Budge said...

Your kids really are adorable! And I'm a fan of the hat as well. :)