Friday, December 19, 2008

Goofy Girl!

Zoe thinks she is so funny! For some reason she likes to put the bucket on her head and run into the wall and then she laughs about it. She is getting so big. We were coloring today and i was just looking at her thinking how grown up she is now. It makes me sad but she is getting a lot easier because she is learning to entertain herself while i clean. She is so cute and fun. We love her!


Jamie said...

I love her too. I swear, you would think that my daughter has invaded Zoe's closet. She has that same sweater. We should just shop together since we seem to dress them the same. Ha Ha!!

JP said...

That is hilarious! Did she learn that from watching Laney or is it just something about the age that makes them want to run into things? (KP)

Ashley said...

she is so funny!