Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas day!

Great Grandma Edwards made the girls really cute aprons. We tried to get Zoe to wears hers but it was late and she was way tired from playing all day.
Zoe sporting the pajamas that great grandma Edwards got for her. She is so cuddly in them.

The grandkids always do a nativity scene at grandma Edwards house. Zoe looked so cute but did not want to give baby jesus the present so she had to hold it the whole time.
Grandma gave Zoe a cute rocking horse and she loves it so much! I think it is her favorite present. She loves to pet it and watch movies on it.

Zoe had a blast on Christmas. Santa gave her a tricycle and lots of other toys. She thinks the tricycle is so cool but she can't figure out how to ride it so she just puts her feet on it. I hope everyone had as good a christmas as we did.


Chablis said...

Looks fun! Lydia has the same princess jammies as Zoe. Love Walmart! We missed you, but glad you had a great Christmas.