Sunday, July 27, 2008

For the 24th of July we had a lot of fun. We started the day off with the parade in the morning. It was Zoe's first parade and I think she enjoyed it, she liked the princesses. We went with our neighbors the Hunts (Heather and Bailey) so that made it even more fun. After the parade we went home and gave Zoe a nap before we went to the carnival. At the carnival we went to the booths that had lots of stuff like bows, signs clothes, and shoes. Then we went to the rides and Bailey and I rode on some rides together. We took Zoe on the merry-go-round and she thought it was cool. After the carnival we went to Milly's birthday party and had cake and Ice cream, then we took Zoe to the fireworks. They were a lot of fun. They had music and games. It was a fun day and I hope everyone had as much fun as we did.