Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ambrea's wedding

Our friend Ambrea got married today so we went to the ceremony and the reception. It was beautiful! They got married in Cedar Hills on the golf course over looking all of Utah Valley. Ambrea looked very pretty and so happy. Shelley and her husband came to it with their little boy Brecken who is 10 days older than Zoe. They had some fun playing together bu Zoe can be fisty. She kept pulling on him and she even tried to choke him but i got her away just in time. He just sits there and doesn't make a sound probably thinking "what do u want?" I think she really liked Brecken. They look so cute playing together. Brecken is Zoes first friend that is actually her age and I think she loved it.


Megan said...

She is so cute! I loved all the pics on your post. How is everything in SF? Cali is warm but it sure doesn't feel like home yet. We miss you guys! Love, Megs


AWW CUTE...I was telling Shelley that we all need to go on a friends/family trip with our kids when they get a little bit older!

By the way...I am not going to start using my blog...just for you! :-)

Collins said...

Janalee! I came across your blog and thought i would say hi! your family is so cute! Its fun being able to see old friends through the blogging world. Looks like you are doing great:) keep in touch!