Wednesday, May 21, 2008

First snow cone!

We are so excited that the snow cone shack is open for the summer. We will be there a lot. Zoe had her first snow cone yesterday and she wasn't quite sure what to think. When i would give it to her she would look at it like she would get in trouble if she touched it. She didn't really like it but i think because it was too cold and she is no used to flavors like that. Zoe loved being outside and playing and by the end she was getting used to the snow cone, she wouldn't eat it but she would play with it.


Jamie said...

I hope you guys had a great time in Virginia!!! We missed you guys. I can't believe Zoe is already 9 months old. Time flies. She is the cutest thing ever!!!

The Hunt Family said...

YEAH snow cone shacks are open. That just made my whole day :)
Let me know when you want to go, I am so for it.

The Adams Family said...

Oh, yummy! Scott bought me a snow cone maker for our anniversary, I've made one everyday!