Monday, June 6, 2011

Random Stuff!

I have had request to post pictures of our new house. This is where it is at right now. We are hoping it is going to be done within the next month. We are soo excited!
Brennan is so obsessed with Elk right now. All he wants to do all day is watch elk fight on you tube with grandpa. He is Brennans favorite person right now. It is so cute when they sit and watch animal shows and you tube videos.

Zoe started swimming lessons today. She did so good. She was going all the way under water by the end of class. I have never been able to get her to do that.


The Bebel's said...

Your kiddo's are just too cute!! I love your house you have to post more pictures when it is done!

Chablis said...

I'm SO excited for your house to be done! I'm so happy it will be finished for us to see when we "pit stop" in Utah in August.

Grandpa was Henry's favorite person when he was up here too, he bonds well with the boys. :) Watching Elk fight on youtube all day? Henry would be in heaven!