Friday, January 28, 2011

January Update!

Brennan would yell and give Randall a high five after the ball hit the pins. I love this kid. He is hilarious.
Zoe pouting that it wasn't her turn but as soon as it was she would jump up so happy.
Brennan and Randall waiting patiently for Brennan's ball to roll down and hit the pins.
Zoe our little princess modeling the very stylish bowling shoes.
Brennan lost control and came down sideways

Zoe thought the fire was so cool.
We took our kids for a fun family night. We ate at Tucanos, and they both ate so good from the salad bar but they won't eat meat. After that we discovered a new place called Provo Beach Resort. I know a lot of people know about it already but it was our first time. Zoe and Brennan had a bawl. We played bowling and played in both the playgrounds.
Brennan enjoying some yummy root beer at a football party we had at our friends house in Spanish Fork.
Zoe and Laney. They are the best of friends but some days they fight like crazy!
Zoe went to the dentist for the first time. She wouldn't let them do x rays but they brushed her teeth and the dentist said she has no cavities. YEAH!
We went sledding on Martin Luther King Jr. day. There wasn't very much snow but it was a lot of fun. The kids like being pulled on the sleds.


Chablis said...

Zoe has changed a lot! I've never heard of that place, it will have to be on my "to do" list next time we're out there. You guys are the cutest family! I hope you are happy and getting close to finding a great place to live!

Oh, I like Randall's "bare" head too!

Heather said...

omg....I can't believe how bigs your kids are now! they are adorable!!! how have you guys been!?!?