Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Zoe is one!

Zoe turned one on Sunday. She is getting so big and I

can't believeshe is already one. It seems like yesterday

she was born. We hada fun princess party with all of

the familyand then on Mondaywe had Jocelyn and Jared

over to celebrate. Zoe got a lotof cute toys and clothes.

Happy birthday Zoe! We love you!


Joker said...

We had fun at Zoe's party! I can't believe she is already one, time goes so quickly! I hope she is enjoying all her new toys! Love ya!!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Zoe! Seriously...I can't believe it either, it seems like yesterday we were over there visiting when you just came home from the hospital with her. But we are glad you guys had a good weekend and she looks so cute, as always!

Jamie said...

I'm glad to see that she's not afraid to get messy with the cake. It looks like she had a great birthday!!

The Collins Family said...

Happy Birthday to Zoe! its crazy how fast they grow up. She looked so cute eating her birthday cake!

Jenny Bebel said...

Happy belated birthday Zoe! My dads birthday was on sunday to she is lucky to have a birthday on such a special day!I can'e believe she is one , you seriously have to come and see us.

Megan said...

Happy B-day Zoe! She is so big. I love the pic at Lake Powell where she asleep on Randall. How cute! I'm so glad she had a lot of fun cause i already knew you would!

Natalie said...

Look like she had fun. The cake looked yummy to.