Monday, April 11, 2011

My Birthday!

The weather was warm for a couple days so Brennan got to wear his shorts and tshirts. He looks so big in them. Zoes cousin Bronson came to play and they had fun watching movies on my bed. I also had a birthday that i got very spoiled for. I got a jogging stroller/bike trailer and some coupons from zoe, randall and brennan for cleaning and i also got cute jewelry and clothes. Randall took me to dinner at Tucanos and when we got home Randalls mom had made me a princess cake. We also had a day of shopping with my mom and my sisters. It was a very good birthday!


Chablis said...

Yay! You blogged! I can't believe I forgot your birthday. :( I had it on the calender and everything and I still forgot to at least call you! You look gorgeous!~ Glowing!

Cute kids too!