Saturday, October 9, 2010

Brennans Birthday!

This past Tuesday and Wednesday Jaidyn and Brennan turned one. I can't believe they are one, they are getting so big fast. We did a princess and the frog theme party for the both of them on Tuesday and got Jaidyn a Tiana cake and Brennan the frog. I didn't get a before picture of the frog but it was so cute. He ate almost the whole thing. To Brennan it was just another meal, he loves food. On Wednesday I did a party with just a few of our neighbors. I saw this golf theme party and had to do it. I made cupcakes and made the frosting look like grass and did a ball on it with a flag, and we also did club sandwiches. Brennan loves all of his presents and has been very busy with them all. We are hoping and praying for a better year this year with Brennan. He is such a blessing in our lives and we love having him around. Despite the past year he has always been smiley and so fun to be around. He has such a sweet spirit and I hope he continues to be that happy boy.


Chablis said...

What a cute idea!!