Sunday, May 30, 2010

Random Pics of the kids!

This is what dad does with the kids when they are bored.
Zoe keeps us laughing. She always plays with Brennans toys and this time she climbed in the jumper and started acting like a baby.
Brennan loves putting everything in his mouth just like most babies. He always just puts the spoon or a blanket in and lets go so he looks like a puppy. He is so dang cute!
After Brennan had taken a long nap we went to get him up and Zoe climbed in his bed with him. So I just let them play for a minute. They play so well together.
Best Buddies! Easton and Brennan are 4 months apart. Brennan looks huge next to Easton.


Sallee Family said...

Stratton loves looking at the pics of Brennan.