Thursday, October 8, 2009

We Are Home!

We got home about 9:45 this evening! Brennan keeps doing awesome. Today the cardiologists came again and talked to us. They said his ductus arteriosus had closed yesterday morning and his saturation levels continued to be high. They saw no reason for him to stay at Primary's so they let us go home. In newborns the pulmonary artery relaxes in about 2 weeks so we just have to watch out for cyanosis. So far so good!

As far as visitors go....

As with all newborns, you don't want them to get sick. That's the case even more so with heart kids. We would like to limit visitations as much as possible and if you have any sign of sickness please stay home. We're not trying to be rude, we just want to stay out of the hospital as much as possible...he's going to be there enough already.

Janalee and I are feeling extremely fortunate and blessed right now. So far this has been the best possible outcome. Brennan still has a very serious heart condition that will require an open heart surgical repair, hopefully not for 6 months. We still need all the prayers we can get. And please, pray for all the children and parents continually battling up at Primary's. Paul Cardall, CHD survivor and accomplished musician says it best: "Never, should we live in our own little worlds because other folks need our love, service, and care."


Melissa said...

I am amazed and so happy that you are home with your little man! What a miracle! I'm am so glad that you posted and made it clear that you want to keep him healthy and hopefully all the friends and family who want to meet him will help you make that happen! Keep us posted and ENJOY him!~!!!!!

Jamie said...

I'm sure you guys never expected such a turn of events. I'm SO SO SO glad you are home and getting the opportunity to enjoy him like you should.
Jan- let me know when you feel like visitors. I would even be happy to come bring you guys a meal and take Zoe for you. Maybe Monday???
I'll give you a call!
Love you both.

Christina said...

Wow, wow, wow! How wonderful that you are home. Praying that your family stays healthy and Brennan gets some good growing in before surgery.

Hugs & Prayers,
Christina from IHH
Jacob's Momma

The Hood's said...

Congratulations..... and Welcome Home! Hope that all continues to go well!
Gary, Camille, Sam and Alex (DILV, LTGA) Hood-- IHH Family

Stepper the Mighty said...

That is a wonderful quote.

We're so excited you're home! We're going to stay far far away because we suspect that Bill is coming down with something, but please feel our loving energy radiating toward you from down the row of homes.

Also - let us know if there's anything we can do for you! A trip to the store for diapers? You bet! We'll doorbell ditch them so you won't have to encounter our possible germs. Plus - fun! Doorbell ditching! :D

Once we're all in the clear health-wise, we'd love to have Zoe come and play at our house so you guys can get some rest!

Cottam Family said...

Congrats on bringing home your beautiful little boy! We're so happy that things keep continuing to go well for him. You guys are always in our prayers and we hope that things will continue to go well for your little guy!

kristi said...

We are so excited everything is going well and Brennan is doing good and getting strong. Hope all continues to go well. We are thinking about y'all. Don't worry we won't visit for a little while so Brennan will not get sick from us. HaHa

The Rays

Jessy and Kurt Antonino!!!! said...

I am so happy that he made it home and that he is doing really good.