Saturday, August 22, 2009


Okay so i told my sister in law Chablis I would do a post on how I organize my coupons. I hope this helps Chablis and if you have any questions you can call me or email me. I got a binder with a zipper and got lots of baseball card holders to put in it. You will need some sticky tabs to separate each thing. For example I did Breakfast, condiments, baking, snacks. I'm sure you get it. So every Sunday I get 2 Daily Heralds and 1 Salt Lake tribune. I don't know what you would get though. Each week there are little packets full of coupons. They are called Red Plum, and Smart Source. I just cut out the ones I want and then I put them in the category I have for them in my binder. So when I get the adds for each grocery store in the mail I go through that and pick out the things that are on sale and then use my coupons for those items. I have all the coupons ready to go before I go to the store so im not taking forever looking for the ones I want to use. I also take my binder with me in the store just in case I see something I want and I have a coupon for it. The trick is to only buy the things that are on sale and get as many of them as you have coupons for, that way u stay stocked up on everything. It does take a few months to get really into it and to get a lot of coupons so don't get frustrated. Oh ya to get a lot of good deals I usually go about once a week to the store. I usually spend around 30 to 50 every week.
Oh ya there are also places online to get coupons and that is


Jamie said...

I was about ready to give up on the coupon thing cuz it wasn't workin for me. -And I have A LOT of coupons. Maybe I'll try your method and see if it works for me before i retire from my coupon clippin' days. I love how organized you are. Good post!

Chablis said...

Sheesh! That seems like so much work, but you are saving a lot of money! So I ordered the newspaper...only 1 in Anchorage, and the coupons are awful. There is only like 3 pages! Arrgh. Plus, I shop at the commissary and they don't do weekly flyers. Hmmm, I like the baseball card sheets though. THANK YOU!!! I'm trying, Scott can vouch for me - I'm trying. And you helped a ton, I'm going to try harder and see how long I last. :)