Sunday, May 24, 2009


On Friday we went to the park with Jocelyn and Stratton. It was really hot so we had the idea of getting the pool out. Well driving from the park to their house it got really cloudy and windy but that didn't stop us. We put warm water in it so it was more like a bath tub. Don't you just love the dirty looks they are both giving me. I think they were sick of me taking pictures. oh ya don't look at the ugly princess swim suit Zoe has on. She picked it out and she loves it.


The Hunt Family said...

very cute pics. Oh and Janalee sometimes you just have to say "what the heck" and let them wear what makes them happy. Trust me I have given up plenty of times just to make us both happy. I think it's cute suit :)

Ashley said...

ewww look at that attitude! haha so we went to 7-peaks yesterday and it really wasn't too bad. Still had all the snack in a backpack and b/c we didn't have a cooler they didn't check anything. Did you get a season pass? I'm more upset about the season pass structure and tiers that they now have then the food thing even though that is ridiculous.