Monday, April 20, 2009

Kangaroo Zoo! and a long post

We we able to go to the Kangaroo Zoo with some friends from bunco. Zoe had so much fun playing on all the blow up toys. She did not want to leave and it took me a while to get her out of there.


joker said...

thanks for the update! Zoe looks so pretty in her Easter dress. She is growing up so fast, but what a sweet little girl! It was fun the other night at dinner. Love you guys!

Jamie said...

I laugh every time I look at your blog cuz Zoe and Hallie have like 90% the same wardrobe. Ha ha. I LOVE Zoe's Easter dress. It is so dang cute!

Chablis said...

Awww! She is so BIG! I can't believe the transition from baby to toddler has happened since I moved.

Scott has been telling me all the cute things Zoe does that he saw at "hug"! He loved seeing you guys!