Sunday, October 7, 2007


Check out these cute pictures of our baby girl Zoe. She's getting big way too fast and is starting to smile a lot. As of this picture she is only 7 weeks old and no longer looks like and infant. We will update this blog regularly so you can be up to date with things going on in our family.

Here's Zoe at 1 week. She loves to have her hands in fists like she is about to fight someone.

Randall is teaching Zoe to play the guitar and the drums. Maybe she will play one of them when she is big but hopefully not the drums or it will be very loud in our house.

At 2 weeks old we took Zoe to Kiddie Kandids. The photographer had lots of fun with her. Everyone there thought she was older than 2 weeks maybe because of all the hair she has.


alisa said...

kayla and milly say hi and those are some awesome pictures. the video was funny.

The Adams Family said...

Dang, Zoe is so cute!! I wish I could play with her. She's already got some musical talents. We are so excited that you have joined the blogging world. Love you all~Chablis